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About O.C.

Hailing from Lansing, Michigan, O.C. Hazel has emerged as a dynamic force in the rock and blues scene. With a style uniquely his own, O.C. blends the fiery intensity of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan with the soulful depth of B.B. King and the experimental edge of Radiohead. Adding to this eclectic mix, his music also draws inspiration from the vibrant rhythms of Afrobeats and Soukous music from Africa, creating a sound that is both innovative and deeply rooted in tradition.


As a first-generation Nigerian American with Igbo heritage, O.C. Hazel brings a rich cultural background to his music. This heritage infuses his work with a unique perspective, adding layers of depth and authenticity to his compositions.


O.C.’s impressive work as a skilled session guitarist has marked his musical career. Based primarily in Detroit, Michigan, he has played a pivotal role in crafting music for multiple bands and artists in the area. His poetic writing style, enriched with hip-hop rhythmic cadences and harmonies, further sets him apart in the musical landscape.


Now stepping into the spotlight, O.C. Hazel is set to release his highly anticipated EP, “Under Fire.” The first single, “The Traveler,” is a testament to his narrative-driven approach to music. The song’s musical progression takes listeners on a story-like journey, weaving through emotional ups and downs with masterful precision.


O.C. Hazel’s all-around guitar playing ability is a cornerstone of his artistry. Whether through his intricate soloing, solid rhythm guitar work, expressive phrasing, or spontaneous improvisation, he consistently demonstrates a profound understanding of his instrument. His technical proficiency and emotional depth allow him to seamlessly blend intricate melodies with powerful riffs, creating a captivating and immersive musical experience.


Stay tuned for more from O.C. Hazel, a true innovator in the world of rock and blues.

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